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Steve Hogarty

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Writer man for magazines about stuff, mostly about games. Okay only about games

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Pokemon main article

Nintendo's running a bit low on new Pokémon ideas

Have we run out of animals to base new Pokémon on? The existence of a sentient set of flying keys in the latest game suggests to Steve Hogarty that yes, yes we have

Gta ugly main article

Why is everyone in GTA Online so damned ugly?

I don’t like my face. Personally I think my face has got too much meat for one skull. When god was handing out skull-meat, there my idiot skull was, coming back around a second time with a thick pair of glasses and a fake moustache, sitting on another skull’s shoulders, wearing a long trenchcoat and demanding seconds.

Open uri20140812 21134 1lv3bfd article

Why does Battlefield 4 hate dogs?

The two biggest shooters of the year star two of the bravest army pooches — Steve Hogarty wonders whether it’s Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4 who has the upper paw