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Writer man for magazines about stuff, mostly about games. Okay only about games

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PC Gamer

Dwarf Fortress diary: How seven drunks opened a portal to Hell

In the Dwarven Year 250, the stubby reach of dwarfkind had touched every procedurally generated rock in Ruspsmata, from The Problematic Steppe to The Dune of Hermits, from The Prairie...

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PC Gamer

Reinstall: Frontier: First Encounters

Frontier: First Encounters is the oft-forgotten sequel to Frontier: Elite II, which is itself the slightly less forgotten sequel to one of the few PC games that can be called seminal without even having to stop and consider if that’s the correct use of the word....

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PC Gamer

Microsoft Flight review

I’ve never been birthed by Enya. I’ve never even gestated inside her womb. But I imagine the experience of floating around inside her amniotic fluid as a foetus is similar to visiting Microsoft Flight’s main menu. The flight sim wastes no time in serenading you in an echoing, listless wail...

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PC Gamer

Assassin's Creed Revelations review

Well somebody at Ubisoft’s been watching Inception. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations begins with chronically plank-faced protagonist Desmond washing up on a sad-looking desert island. He’s told, by a digital ghost, that this is the default setup of the device that lets him explore his past lives – the Animus. Essentially, he’s...