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Steve Hogarty

Games journalist

Writer man for magazines about stuff, mostly about games. Okay only about games

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Which Christmas Are You?

It’s Christmas, so we all know what that means. Eating crumberries under the cramble bush. Building the snow man. Waiting up after your parents have gone to bed to catch sight of Doctor Crambles, the Lord of Cramblemas, to witness his gestures.

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“There are downsides to being this good” — Why Gamers Hate Me For Being Brilliant At Games

Steve Hogarty feels like he’s the only person on the planet who can relate to soul-crushing discrimination poor Samantha Brick faces on a daily basis. While her agonising beauty manifests itself as a living hell, Steve’s gift for gaming has made him a pariah in the community.

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Losing My Voice

Moving from Ireland to London is a bit like discovering that you’ve got a tiny magic door inside your house, one that leads to alternate version of your house that’s almost identical, except it’s much bigger and Boris Johnson lives there.